he Fish is chosen by trustful suppliers on the basis of certain requirements as the aspect, the size and, most of all, the maintenance of the "cold chain".

As soon as it arrives in the Wasabi kitchens the fish is immediately killed in full obedience of the current regulations.

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables are delivered every morning from the Orto di Brera, the well-known greengrocer's in Via San Carpoforo, in the old Brera, guarantee of quality and freshness for many local families and residents. Therefore each ingredient arrives in the kitchens of Wasabi ready to be used and immediately served.

The chefs prepare the plates at the moment and the products are used in the space of the day setting up that trio of intentions representing the main philosophy of Wasabi: taste, health and lightness.

The ingredients go through the expert hands of the chefs who, thanks to their twenty-year-long experience turn them into original or Asiatic traditional dishes, result of the different experiences and provenances of the one who cooks them and invents them.

Both restaurants have two well separated kitchens for the preparation of specific dishes. In the "at sight" one, which gives onto the main room, a team of cooks takes care exclusively of raw dishes as Sushi, Sashimi, crudité and fruit salads; while in the other one all hot courses are prepared: fried and grilled dishes and finally the sweets.